Niinamigota: childs love story / COURAGE full and original second game

The Premise of this video game [Without Spoiling anything because I want you to play it!], was to create full 10 Hour video game with a beginning, middle, and End Storyline. It features memories from friends, family, and myself, the developer.  I'd created the script and premise AS the game progressed. It took about a year and a half. The script too, is very much like writing a novel - it is approximately 60,000 words long.

I wrote the script as I was creating the code and programming all the cut-scenes. I'd gotten permission from RPG Maker, to make an original game under Kadokawa Publishing, for all of the assets to commission an original game and story line. The Game is a dreamlike and "trial by failure" type of game. Much Like Exvelten, all of the same elements are used in this game, but not as a RPG Maker tutorial.

It is the 1800's. You are living on a farm and decide to visit the world of Gzhapel.
As you crash on an Island - you name it - Niinamigota. Explore the island with Friends, and find a way to get back home. You Play as Island Guy - and With Island Girl and Samuel - Three friends from School [And Rivers] Try and FInd a Way to Repair the Ship to bring them back to Alfar.