Exvelten: An Educational Game about RPG Maker - A First Small Short GAme!

Exvelten was the first Full Short Game I made which took about 7 months to complete between games. I was originally working on Niinamigota, as a standalone - but I wanted to reinforce my coding and learning by documenting what made an RPG Maker game important. Ergo This game was Made!

This game was more of "what you can do" in the world of 2D games, and a showcase - rather than just for the purity of lore and enjoyment. I think it served its purpose as a singular small environment - which is connected to the Larger Island Niinamigota and the Realm of Gzhapel. The game in total is approximately 3 hours to complete every tent - and would be considered a very short Indie Game.

The goals were to explain how processes work in a RPG Maker game to [For Example]:

1. How a scene Takes Place - In an Autorun Sequence
2. How to get the Character to Move - Parallel Processes
3. How to get the Character to interact - Event Editor
4. How A World is Built - Lower Editor Tiles
5. How A Room is Built - Upper Editor Tiles

....      ....       ....   An So On. You Get it!

These are Functions UNIQUE to what is being used in this type of 2D Style Game. Aside from Generic Sprites - Those that have an artistic background in Pixel Art or 2D art could build their own world, provided they learn the type of coding that is used in an RPG Maker Game. Exvelten was created for those interested in Knowing what RPG Maker is all about - and that anyone can build their own video game - with enough hard work and determination!

You play as Cynthia or Zachiev: And your goal is to go through all the Villagers tents to learn about their secrets. After you have learned from each Villagers Secrets - you are then granted Access to the Town of Exvelten - and Can learn more about the Small world of Gzhapel and How the worlds connect. This is the first of a three part Game Series!